Project Description

Robotics Camp

Sudbury is proud to offer our popular robotics program to the community. We foster engineering and programming skills in a fun atmosphere where students work together and independently to complete challenges and strengthen their math and physics skills. We have fun and active spring and summer camps in 1 and 3 week durations.

Our 3-week camps are designed for students with a keen interest in mathematics, programming, and robotics. Each camp focuses on different goals and has different objectives – no 3-week camp during the summer is repetitive. Students will be faced with complex objectives, and will have to work together to program their robots successfully, generally over the course of several days. This course has a heavy emphasis on programming, estimation, and critical thinking.

We use Lego Mindstorms, EV3

Learning Outcomes

Sudbury’s Mindstorms camp is designed to teach our students engineering, technology, and teamwork skills through building and programming robots. Using geometry and beginning to intermediate programming skills (with guided support from enthusiastic staff) students will have fun designing their robot to complete challenging tasks. We will also complete a series of challenges where robots are remote controlled! Our camp will also cover real world applications of the technology students are using and the latest research as well as advancements in the marketplace.

  • Design and build programmable robots using motors, sensors, gears, wheels, axles, and other technical components
  • Understand and interpret two-dimensional drawings to create three-dimensional models
  • Build, test, troubleshoot and revise designs to improve robot performance
  • Gain practical, hands-on experience using mathematical concepts such as estimating and measuring distance, time, speed
  • Communicate effectively using scientific and technical language

1 Week Camps

June 28 – July 1 (Ages 9 – 13)
August 8 – 12 (Ages 9 – 13)
August 22 – 26 (Ages 6 – 8)

3 Week Camps

July 11 – 29 (ages 6 – 8)


i(<3)Robot is Eugene Sudbury’s all girl Robotic’s class. i(<3)Robot helps girls reach their technology based goals and build confidence in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) subjects. Our all girls camp empowers girls to foster their interests in STEM by surrounding them by their peers in a comfortable and fun environment. This class is open to anyone who identifies as a girl in a way that is significant to them.