Citizenship, College, Career

Eugene Sudbury School is a noncoercive Democratic Immersion school. Our students are in charge of their own educations and spend their days pursuing topics that are of interest to them.  We have no required classes or homework.  Our high school students are given opportunities to go out in the community on internships, job shadows, and take classes at Lane Community College.

Our students have the freedom to choose!

The Right Tools. The Right Solution.

Eugene Sudbury offers students the tools and support to be successful in their chosen educational path. We make sure our students achieve their goals, whatever they may be!

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Our students have the freedom to choose!

Choice Matters

Our students are learning what’s important and relevant to them – not following a syllabus or schedule.


Our school is governed by the students and staff


Students have a great deal of ownership because they run the school, their opinions matter.


We've gone full speed ahead into STEAM based education.

Technology and Art

Science, Technology, Art, and Mathematics. Our students are exposed to all of these subjects everyday.